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Getting Started with 360Fly Camera

Do you remember the first time you really felt like you finally knew what you were meant to be doing?  Maybe you're one of those people who has always known since the 2nd grade like my sister, but it has taken me a while to figure that out.  Making this module was one of the first times I felt like I knew I was meant to do eLearning Instructional Design.  I'm techy, and I love to geek out on instructional design tools and Articulate360 is one of my favorite tools.


In this module, I first used Articulate Storyline to teach people how to use the 360Fly camera. I then decided to challenge myself and build the same module using Articulate Rise. Followed ADDIE to design and develop these modules.  I tested the modules out on students to get feedback using Kirkpatrick Levels of Evaluation. 

  • Tools: Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Google Draw

  • Role: Sole Instructional Design and eLearning Developer

Course Critique

This is one of the first eLearning courses I created.  Over the years, my skills have improved and since I no longer have access to the source files to edit or modify, I will instead offer my critique as part of my portfolio.  

  1. The objective needs to be rewritten. I'm even embarrassed I wrote that objective in the first place.  If I were given this objective from an SME with the verb "learn" I would work with them to rewrite this towards an actionable objective, something that the learner will be able to do at the end of the module.  Also, I might not explicitly say it is an objective but rather word it in more learner-friendly language.  

  2. While I am proud of some of the interactions, I feel it is too text-heavy in some parts.  I would probably rearrange the module so that it is more scenario-based, possibly gamified, to make it more engaging and memorable.  I would want it to feel like you're about to embark on an exciting adventure with the 360Fly camera. 

  3. I would break this module into several modules such as 1)Camera care, 2)Setting up 360Fly with Smart device, and 3)Taking 360 Photos and videos for a microlearning experience to reduce cognitive overload. 

  4. I now lean towards using SAM over ADDIE when designing eLearning.  Because of its iterative nature, I feel SAM fits better with my design and development style but is also a much more efficient and effective use of time that allows me to build a better product. 


Using Articulate Storyline
Using Articulate Rise
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