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Catch the COVID Contaminator

I designed and developed this course working closely with stakeholders at The MINT Makerspace.  The MINT had to shut down because of COVID and when restrictions loosened they opened but needed to inform members of the new reopening guidelines.  I aimed for a fun storytelling approach to make it engaging and memorable.  In the 2.0 Version, I aimed to modernize the visual design and update the navigation for ease of use. In version 2.1, I took the feedback I got in 2.0 version and updated it.  

  • Performance-based objectives (following Rober Mager's Performance-Based Learning Objectives):

    1. Follow the COVID Safety guidelines while working at the MINT by performing the following actions:

      1. Wear a face mask.

      2. Wash hands frequently.

      3. Disinfect workstations and tools immediately after use.

      4. Stay home if exhibiting any symptoms. 

Original Version

Covid Contaminator.png

Version 2.1


Version 2.0


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